Accounts Receivable Factoring Vs. Merchant Cash Advances: How Things Stack Up


Of the most popular alternatives to traditional loans, accounts receivable factoring and merchant cash advances top the list. In order to give business owners a better idea of how the two stack up, we put together a side-by-side comparison according to the features entrepreneurs look for the most in financing solutions.

  1. Debt-Free Financing

Merchant Cash Advance: An advance in funding with no debt on the balance sheet.
Accounts Receivable Factoring: Cash for receivables with no debt on the books

Advantage: Equal

  1. Interest and Fees

Merchant Cash Advance: High interest and additional fees baked into the agreement.
Accounts Receivable Financing: No interest or additional fees. The amount of financing is structured around the creditworthiness of your customers.

Advantage: Accounts Receivable Factoring

  1. Repayment

Merchant Cash Advance: Balance is repaid from a percentage of sales with a large balance remaining at the end of the terms.
Accounts Receivable Factoring: There is no repayment. Factoring is an instantaneous transaction with no need for terms or contracts.

Advantage: Accounts Receivable Factoring

  1. Funding Limits

Merchant Cash Advance: Single-use and based on average monthly revenue.
Accounts Receivable Factoring: No upper limits. Businesses can choose which invoices or parts of invoices are funded, and factoring is reusable for as long as your business issues invoices.

Advantage: Accounts Receivable Factoring

  1. Versatility

Merchant Cash Advance: Typically used for short-term growth or working capital.
Accounts Receivable Factoring: Accounts receivable factoring can be used to correct cash flow issues, build up cash reserves, growth and working capital, making payroll, paying down existing liabilities, purchasing inventory and materials, advertising, and anything else your business needs.

Advantage: Accounts Receivable Factoring

  1. Agency and Control

Merchant Cash Advance: Borrowers are subject to the interest, fees, and terms of the agreement.
Accounts Receivable Factoring: Businesses have a complete say in how much of their receivables get funded. As there are no fees or contracts, businesses can create their own factoring strategies tailored to their needs and goals.

Advantage: Accounts Receivable Factoring

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