To our Valued Clients,

New Century Financial has been closely monitoring the evolving situation related to COVID-19. Banks around the globe have also been working diligently to ensure they can keep “critical operations” open through a potential pandemic.

As more cases across the nation have been reported, we have worked on a Contingency Plan to keep our employees safe and ensure business continuity while we keep making the necessary adjustments to our work and operations. Just as we did in Hurricane Harvey, our staff is able to work remotely and continue operations as usual throughout any crisis that may arise with COVID-19.

Our team will continue to provide ongoing updates to you as more information is provided by the CDC and other credible sources. Please consult with your Account Manager if you have any specific questions on our preparation for business continuity related to COVID-19.

Please feel free to reference the links below for news updates on COVID-19 and best practices to minimize exposure:

Warm Regards,

New Century Financial Management Team